Sunday, 20 June 2010

Sunday morning

Good morning fellow citizens!
Just got home from my run =) Today was a bit exhausting, don't know why... I am just generally out of shape lol.
I actually just sitting by my bed thinking if I should get a shower now or not.. I am waiting for a response about the wedding. You know, I need my time to get ready and I don't have all the supplies a girl needs to get flawless lol. It's all a bit complicated with me. If we're not going, I don't have to wash my hair right now, since I think we are going out tonight and I prefer to do it just when I am about to head out.... haha this doesn't make any sense to you now does it?
Any way, that's how it is now.

I also have to take my friend to the hospital, nothing serious, just moral support.

Now over to something more important that's close to my heart and soul... Stay tuned for the next post...


Anonymous said...

ha where is the blog about me :(

Extra extra read all about it said...

i can write abt you, if you tell me who you are!