Sunday, 13 June 2010

Sunday night

Been feeling kind of active today, well some part of it anyway.
I mostly been at home, but I've done 2 washing machine (can you say that?), hung them outside to get a fresher and nicer smell to it.
I have been throwing out a lot from my wardrobe, shoes and clothes that I really don't need and never use. I know, it can be hard. I still have some stuff left. Been tidying my room a little bit. Then at about 7pm I went out for my walk/run to Holland Park, where I meet Nina and friend. So random. I had music on (Aguilera's Bionic) and saw this girl whistle at me, and it turned out to be Nina, nice =)
On my way home and stooped at Tesco and bought some food and sweets, and much needed water lol.
I cooked right away when I got home, made enough to make for 2 lunches (I always cook my lunch for work the day before).
I took out all the rubbish on my own as well, as there as no one to help =( well well I manage.

Now I'm in bed and feel a bit exhausted.
Just talked to my sister on Skype, thin it so amusing with the cam. She's gonna visit in the beginning of July =) and I am off (hopefully) that Friday, so it's gonna be a long weekend =)

Gonna watch some old OC now and eat my sweets

Over and out

P.s do you like my new (handmade) header? D.s

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