Saturday, 5 June 2010

Weekend in a nutshell..

I woke up at about 7am this morning, and 8.10am I went out for a power walk and a run to Holland Park. Well done Rebecca!

I've showered and eaten y breakfast, and now I'm heading out. Gonna meet my previous landlord and talk about some stuff that at the moment is relevant.

My route
Have a lot I want to do this weekend;

Start my 3rd session of my course =), have to tidy and throw a lot of stuff that I don't use (clothes in particular), and I wanna go and see Sex and the city movie, maybe tonight.

Look around for some jobs, plus a new residence (long story I will tell eventually).

Been looking around some flights as well for my home trip I am gonna do end of July beginning of August. I really want o go home and I really need it. I have never been home for just a vacation or holiday. It's always been because something has happened back home. So even if i don't get my holiday request conformed by work, I am going anyway! That's it!

Talk latha


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