Monday, 3 September 2012

Clinic day 1

I survived my first day at the clinic ;) No wasn't that bad. Was quiet fun and interesting actually, and I don't find a lot of stuff interesting lol.
Someone had to be in charge of the phone every day, and I hate talking on the phone or when the phone rings (work wise) but when she asked who today, I grabbed it first as I do have a lot of phone service experience and I want to get it over with lol. One phone call all day I answered!
You have to really be forward and "show your feet" to be taken seriously I think and be remembered, and I really tried to. I got to prepare a vaccination for a cat, I was present at an x-ray with a dog and we all witnessed a sterilisation of a cat. Was really cool  and interesting. Don't think I've ever seen an operation like that. We wore hats and mask and everything lol.
We were only there for like 3 hours as the clinic is only open from 12.30 till 4pm but the vet had to run off earlier so we finished quiet early.
Can't remember really what more we did..

Tomorrow we have one lesson in the morning and then we're at the clinic again. All week, well till Thursday as we are off Friday =)

Talk latha

Over and out

Finnish time 20.45

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