Saturday, 1 September 2012

Good evening to you all!
After my little workout this morning I have done nothing at all really. Been on my computer watching TV shows and a movie. It's been rainy and windy today so not much one can do, but we went out for a walk around the place anyway and got our feet wet. Went to the gym and I did a lot with my arms and legs. I will  definitely feel it tomorrow. Maybe I should have a rest from weights tomorrow and just go for run and walks.

It really doesn't look cosy does it? We just said if there were mirrors all around it would look better and bigger, some music for sure and they could throw some of the machines as they do not work and just look rusty.

My arms are pretty muscly already (if I flex them) and get muscles easy. Omg it looks like a man no? Lol. I need some tan as well, I blame the light ;)
I like a toned and fit body but not to much muscles.

Over and out

Finnish time 21.18

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