Saturday, 8 September 2012

I have no title..

I slept way to long this morning and got up 9.30am. I'd liked to get up and start my day at 8am for my morning run. But guess you have to sleep a bit longer sometimes.
Did some gym this morning, focusing on arms and back, and this evening I will do legs, stomach (if I'm up for it, I can still feel this pain from last weekend) and back again.

I just reorganised my room again, since my roommate left for a different course (she then has to move to a different building) and I'm guessing and hoping no one will move in. I haven't heard that anyone will and can't imagine anyone will at this point. So I've pushed the beds together and rearranged the mattresses and the two long tables are up against one wall now. If anyone IS moving in I'm in trouble lol.

Can't decide if I should clean the house today or tomorrow.. Decisions decisions..

I almost finished my book and won't have anything to read soon so thought I would order the next in the series as it comes in 3 books. "Fifty shades of grey", "Fifty Shades Darker" and "Fifty Shades Freed". For those who doesn't know they've become huge in England and around the world for it's detailed erotic story.

Over and out

Finnish time 14.35pm

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