Monday, 3 September 2012

Good morning!

I'm just browsing around watching some TV shows until we start at 12 at the school clinic. We're gonna deal with actual real stuff and patients and bookings. We'll see how that will go. I'm not really nervous since we don't know everything yet (it's been 2 weeks, 1 week of lessons) so I'm not to worried. If something goes wrong it goes wrong.

Yesterday we went to open house at their other stable like 2 km away, Pegasus stables. Was not much to it. We looked around, read some posts on the notice board and watched kids rid around, as it was mostly young families there.

I didn't do any workout yesterday as it felt I injured my body. Worst in my legs ans stomach. But we had quiet the walk and I stretched for 30 min in the evening. Which I will try an do everyday.

I cooked for the week and froze it. It was a lot of vegetables lol.
Not much more.

I found this little guy on the way back and couldn't resist

Over and out

Finnish time 11.10am

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