Friday, 7 September 2012

Rain, a drop of golden sun!

What up peeps?
Not been feeling like I have had anything to write really. The days during the week is pretty much the same. This week anyway. Yesterday was last day (for now) at the clinic. Our teacher who is also a vet nurse wasn't there as she was sick, so it was only us four and the vet which I think was pretty chaotic for her as she needs professional help and not some kids running around lol, but I think it went alright. Since we had to she gave us things we had to do our self as there were patients she had to deal with. We did x-ray of 3 dogs and practise on taking blood, which was pretty hard, and I actually got stuck on my thumb which was surprisingly painful. I'm ok people!
Our group don't have clinic until 2 weeks.
Next week we have animal care lessons and how to handle different spieces.

Yesterday they all left me so I am now all alone till Monday. I don't mind really. Had a little lay in this morning and got up just after 9am and went out for a run and I just got back from my evening run. When I'm off I'm gonna try and run twice a day.
Tomorrow it's time for the "gym" again.
Today I've done f*ck all really (scuse my language lol).

Now I'm eating so talk latha.

Over and out

Finnish time 20.26pm

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