Friday, 21 September 2012

The late night news!

Just got back from a late (slightly) night run, and it felt really weird, but good weird. I ran a bit further then I usually do and I didn't get really tired, I mean of course a little bit, but that reach I did to night would of killed me before. Guess I'm getting fitter lol ;) or maybe because it's quiet chilly outside so didn't feel how hot and bothered I got, and had a headache to focus on... No lets just say I'm getting more and more in a better shape =)

So finally Friday huh? Well for those with a weekend off! What to do? lol, as every weekend.

Yesterday evening me and my room mates went to this market/fare in their hometown. I really like markets and all it got to offer with all the food, attractions and all the crap to buy, but it was fricken cold so couldn't really enjoy it but we had a laugh.

We saw the rainbow on the way there, but very slightly

This pic doesn't really do it justice but there were loads of people

I learned from experience not to go on this ride again so I skipped it yesterday!

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