Wednesday, 5 September 2012

I passed anyway!

Omg I just came back from class where we were having a little test on what we've learned, a practical one. I knew we were gonna have one I just didn't mentioned it. Even though it is quiet easy and most of it is common sense (which I do not have most of times lol) I got really nervous, but calm at the same time. While I was in there with our teacher I got a little sweaty lol. I had some mistake but over all was good =)

Now just chilling and gonna eat some lunch in a while, before we have clinic at 12. I hope it's better then yesterday when it was just to much pressure, to soon. I'm a quiet calm person and can handle pressure (believe me I had to deal with pressure in my past) but sometimes it can get a bit much.

Tomorrow we don't have any lesson so our group just have clinic in the afternoon.

Talk latha.

Over and out

Finnish time 10.45am

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