Saturday, 1 September 2012

Morning ya'll!

This morning I had set my alarm on 7.45am and went up just after 8am. Went for a short run (or jog more like it), then went to the s.k gym and did some weights. Focused on arms and stomach this morning, but omg doing sit ups was really heavy for me, even though my stomach I think is in the best shape of my body. I'll get there. Nothing happens over a night. Well I can think of a few things lol.
I did every exercise 10 times *3, so I had a little break inbetween every set.
Finished of with some boxing and kicking. It helps if you can picture a face you'd like to punch lol.

Now I'm just having some breakfast and watching TV shows.

Don't know what today will bring. I need to buy some bits and bobs for the fridge anyway.

Over and out

Finnish time 10.42

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