Thursday, 13 September 2012

I have a dream!

You know how most (if not all) woman And men say how they can't wait to start a family and have lots of children?
What I want is dogs and lots of animals around me. I'm not saying No to family and kids but it's not really on my mind right now.

My vision for my future (maybe as far as when I'm retired) is to have a little house in the country side with my little farm running. A few chicken and hens for eggs, some horse/horses to ride, sheep (just cause they are quite cute lol) and of course all my dogs. My dream pack would be (as I've showed before) first of all a Cavalier King Charles spaniel, a Rottweiler, a Boxer and I would love some kind of wolf dog or a Siberian husky and my own little vegetable garden.
Preferable I would find someone to settle down with, but he had to deal with all of this and love animals and nature and farm life as well lol.

This would be my dream in years time, after I've done all the things I wanna do in life, but that's an other story and chapter ;)

Like the olden days?

Talk latha.

Over and out

Finnish time 19.45pm

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