Sunday, 4 April 2010


Hey, so I've spent 2 days with my parents so far, therefor the bad update.

I met up with them on Friday when we didn't have any spec plans, but it was such bad weather and rainy and cold, so we went to a Tex Mex restaurant and ate. Very nice.

Then... can't remember. Think we went to their hotel room and chilled.

Saturday we went for some shopping around Earls court where they live. Then we headed to the boat race that was held somewhere at the Themes. Quite interesting to see. We then took a walk to Bloomsbury, or what it's called, around the houses. Was really cold. Walked all the way to Oxford st where I took the bus home, was getting pretty late.
I had to finish my first session of my course, which I did. Now I just have to wait a couple of days for the result. Very exited and nervous

Today, I met them pretty early cause we had tickets for this Albert and Victoria show nearby Victoria station. I find old Royalties interesting, if they have a special history. Like these, a true Love story.
We then went to the Battersea Dog and cat house (been there before with Nikki). Walked all the way to Vauxhall tube station. Was quite far, but as long as I am not to cold or ave the burst to pee, I like to walk. Was nice in the sun though.

We ate in Baker street Pizza express, very nice and good. An other walk down to Oxford st and through Hyde park, where we separated. They had plans to go to Windsor castle, where the Royal family spends their summer (I think), and since I planned on going out this evening, i thought I would skip tomorrow cause I would be to tired and hungover lol. But now the plans have changed and I am going wit them tomorrow. I really wanted to.

To tired to write anything else now, therefor the bad writing.
Talk latha.
Over and out

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