Saturday, 10 April 2010

It really smells like spring/summer outside. It's funny how you can smell a scent that reminds you of a warmer time. You can feel and taste the warm breeze. Love it!
I do have a headache though, just think I need some fresh air. Plenty to go around, lol.

I am right now looking for some tanning shops, but no one wants to tell the price. Getting a tan in this city is ridiculously expensive. Some charge £1/min! Whats that about?
I am in seriously need of a tan, as I have rubbed of all of my previously fake tan.
I have not used sunbed since I lived in Sweden, so maybe 2-3 years, and my skin have not seen the sunlight since our Marbella trip last August. I've become really against sunbeds, but lately I am consider it. It is a difference when people using it constantly year around, and people who just have a couple of sessions when they feel pale. I just want to get a bit started for the summer, to have a nice base.

To much? Naw!

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