Saturday, 17 April 2010

Make the town red

Good evening!
Had my breakfast and made myself ready to hit the town this beautiful hopefully warm day.

First I am heading to the bank, need to cash out all the money I have in their. I have to much to handle they say =P
Then I am heading to this pet shop I would love to work in.
Have to find an outfit for next week as well, so heading to Notting hill and portobello.

This week, either today or tomorrow, I would like to go to this animal art fair that is being held in Fulham. It is a exhibition with animal paintings and art. Saw the ad in Metro. Anything to do with animals, I'm there!

Just had a serious talk with Nikki, as I was not in the best of moods from yesterday, but she had nothing to do with it.

Talk latha

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