Monday, 12 April 2010

I'm sick! *Cough Cough*

Hey, before posting any other post, I just needed to get the previous one out of my chest. Pay attention please!

Now, as I said last night, if I would feel how I did yesterday or worse I would call in sick, and now I have.
I had a minor headache last night that turned worse to wear this morning.
I went up at 7.15am so I was a bit late, and tried to get dressed, but could not do any fast moves cause my head was banging. I just thought "I can not do this!", so I called to work.
So back to bed with a pillow on my head and rested till around 11am, felt a bit better but still have this cold. Gonna try and take it easy today, even tough I have stuff to do.

(Haha what can that possible be when I'm supposed to be at work?)

I have to go to the bank, which I did not do during the weekend of course, take my nails of which I did not do during the weekend of course, continue my sunbed session which I did not do duri..... o yeah I did do that, and do some shopping. Haha sick day for me? (Hope to God You don't read this), but I did not call in sick for nothing.

Pics from the BBQ is coming up aswell =)

Talk latha

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