Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Me and Johanna went to Hyde park this morning to get some natural sunlight, it is very nice weather today but it was quite cold winds so we were really cold most of the time. Layed for a while till my bladder hit me and we went home, were we continued to lay in the sun in our out backyard.
So last night was amazing. The artist name is Ebi-Sedam Kardi, and is one of the (if not the one) mainly singers in Iran.
Love that kind of music, it makes you so happy hearing it. It's all about dance and having fun.
We were sitting on one of the balconies , or box as they said, and had a great view. Afterwards we got backstage to the after show and meet him. We met him before and he is so sweet and nice, and kind of funny.
A small incident happened so we had to go home earlier then planned, unfortunately.
But guess it was nice with a early night, which made us enjoy this day.
The whole event was for charity supporting MS.
Johanna didn't want me to put any pictures on her, so it's gonna be ego ones on me instead, lol.

Think we are going out tonight, well I hope so since I didn't Monday or yesterday.

The ticket (prof lol)

Having some wine while waiting to go in.
Happy happy

Time to go in

Amazing Man

The dress + broach

On the balcony (I wanted one picture with me and Johanna together, and I don't care what she says about this one)

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