Wednesday, 7 April 2010

So, the parents have now left the building. I feel a bit (or a lot) sad and low. Hate the min they have to leave and the time before when you just wait. I know I will feel better tomorrow and after a couple of days. It just felt secure and a comfort having them here. I miss them!
Whats not comforting is that I am going back to work tomorrow. I only work for two days though, and then it's weekend =)

Whats been happening then?
Sunday we.......
o my god, been trying for a while now to figure out what we did in the morning!
O yeah, I've already told you about Sunday. Silly me.

So over to Monday... ehm... yes, I skipped going out Sunday cause I wanted to come with them to Windsor castle. I have this new thing for old royalties and antique stuff. We had to take a train from Paddington so it was a bit far out. My memory really sucks, cause I can't remember what we did next...
We separated later on anyway, and meet up again later that night to just walk the London street and then headed to their hotel room and ate some bread and cheese mmm.
I then at around 11-12pm headed home.

I decided to skip their tour on Tuesday to the
barriers at the Thames, so I could sleep a bit. I meet up with them and we headed to pdsa cemetery with all these animals from the war, who played a hero part.
It was a great day, sunny and mild.
Since it was my mum's birthday we headed to a very good Thai restaurant just where I live. It was very delicious food and not expensive. I have to go there again, with or without you lol.

Wednesday I had to prepare for them to leave. They did some shopping in the morning and I meet them for this
National Gallery exhibition, historic paintings. Very interesting actually.
We ate at Pret a manger, where I think they do the best sandwiches.

We walked around town trying to decide what to do, till they actually had to leave =(
Now I'm in bed, and have to get some sleep since I start early tomorrow.

Talk latah.
Over and out

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