Thursday, 22 April 2010

What to call this one?

I haven't touched the computer today until now. Me and Johanna has just been laying in the sun all day, was so nice. No winds this time =) and got some tan I think. Had a bas from the sunbeds, so I'm all set.

Well this morning I felt as I deserved, as we say in Sweden.
We went out last night, and it was a good night. I drank to much tho, but was good.
On the way home we stooped for some bagels, mm love that stuff when you're drunk lol.
I fell asleep with my clothes and make-up on. I was sooo tired.

Johanna and I am going to make some pancakes now, mm haven't had that in a long time.
Thank god it's Friday tomorrow and that I have only worked 2 days this week.

Very short post today I see now. Very short written.
Any way.

Stay tuned for pictures from last night.

Over and out

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