Sunday, 18 April 2010

Never a good morning, but a good afternoon to you. Which means I can never be able to post something before 12am/pm! lol
Just talked to my mum on the phone.
Yesterday felt like I spent the whole day outside, which is a good thing no?
Went to the bank, the pet shop in Notting hill where they were really nice about it, so we'll see
Walked down Portbello rd to get to American Apparel. O man, Portobello on a sunny weekend I don't know. Took forever to get down. Would have been nice if you were with friends and could enjoy a bit more, but I just had a goal, lol. I found my dress tho. Looks kind of simple when it's not on you, but very elegant on. I found this antique broach at the market as well. Will show you a picture with the dress in action =)
I actually bought some homemade fudge. The woman shouted out "Free sample!" I was like "Free?" lol. Ended with I bought one with maltezers in it (had very unusual stuff inside) and one with vanilla and strawberry, mmm.
I walked from Notting hill to Hyde Park to meet Johanna after her work. Sat in the park awhile and ate some crisps, grapes, chocolate and drank some juice. Was very nice outside yesterday, and as I can see same today.

Gonna try and make it to this animal art fair exhibition I wanted to see.

So gonna love ya and leave ya.

Over and out

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