Thursday, 15 April 2010

Pi$$ing me of

Just have something to share.
This usually happens, specially at work, and happened again the other day, what ever..
Do yo know how rude it is to bang, knock whatever and just hurry up a person who is sitting on the toilet?
You do not rush someone who is trying to do their business in their alone time, what ever that might be. Like me, I have a sensitive stomach that need to digest, and I need my time in the bathroom sometimes. It is very stressful when someone is knocking and shouting (yes shouting) to hurry up and wondering when you will be finished.
Sometimes, funny enough, I have just started my visit and just closed the door when someone right away needs to get in. It is beoynd me how rude that is.

Jesus Christ, wait your Effing turn!

Thank you for listening.

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