Thursday, 15 April 2010

Comment whatever, just comment!!

What is up?
Hi Lauren if you're reading this lol. Nice seeing you today.

Got home a while ago. Think I'm gonna hit the bed soon. Might as well.
Finished early today, so went and looked for a dress that I will be needing for next week for a special occasion =) Did not find any today, but gonna look this weekend. I want a boob tube, either simple black with a nice broach and style it up, or a mint/turquoise, but would prefer to have very dark hair then. Should I colour it? We'll see.
Then I went and got some sunbed. Went for 12 min today, and man did I feel the different.
I got so hot, and it looked like I just had hit he gym cause I was so red in my face. I'm ok!
Got home and ate all my cookies I bought the other day. I can't help it ok?
Just had some salad mix as well, mmm.

Have to shower now, I smell burned lol.

Love it!

This is what I want. Can I pull it of? lol

Over and out

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