Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Getting ready to head to work. Yes I am actually working today =/ Something I regret now...
But omg this morning. Johanna, Nikki and Nina came to me at abt 7.30am and sang outside my door. How sweet wasn't that? I was so surprised.
Nina said she couldn't meet till the weekend, mhm yeah right, and did not expect this from the others. I mean I don't usually expect things cause when you do, that's when it goes wrong and not what you have planned. So I was very shocked and moved.
I got a package from my family in Sweden with lots of small stuff! Thank you!
Nina gave me 2 of her fishes.....! Haha. Yes that's right. I'm quite nervous and now have this big responsibility. But Thank you!

Got a lot of wishes on Facebook as well, thank you all so much for your thoughts!

Now I have to get going.
But Happy Birthday to me and speak tonight.

Over and out

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