Thursday, 8 April 2010

To day I did not feel good at all. Even if it was my fist day back at work after almost a week. I felt ugly, unfresh, unmotivated, not tired so I wanted to sleep, just tired mentally and in body.
Feel I really had enough of this place. Have to get out of there before it will kill me. I am just so drained and feel suffocated, almost had a panic attack to day and almost started crying. Have these days sometimes. But believe you me, I am trying to get out.
Most staff there are part timers and are only there for 2-3 days a week, 4-6h a day. I am and have been there every single day all day, 9h! I am tired!

Any way, moving on.

Give me 1 sec, have to go out with Nikki and meet her friend. Apparently she can't manage alone. But that's why I am here lol.
Ok, that was 1 unnecessary sec.

Starting late tomorrow, so will get a long night and a bit of a sleep in. Thank god it's Friday tomorrow.

Over and out

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