Sunday, 21 March 2010

Beauty treatments

A little quickie before I fall asleep.
So, today me and Johanna went for some spa treatments. I did manicure (extensions) and she did pedicure and manicure with nail polish. I am allergic to that so I skipped it. Came out beautiful anyway, might show you pictures later.
Then we went to do my eyebrows that seriously needed some tidying, right Johanna?
I did not want them to thin as I like kind it thick and bushy (bushy?) eyebrows, they just need to look neat. Since it was crap weather we did not feel like doing much else, so we just went to Argos and bought a micro, since our broke a while ago + some poundland and tesco shopping.

Later on we were gonna watch a movie, but we didn't really have anyone, so we ended swapping between Titanic, James Bond and CSI on Tv, and had some popcorn.
Ymmie yummie, I got some in my tummie!
Now I've spend over an hour talking to a friend on the phone, so I am very tired now.

Talk tomorrow

Over and out

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