Saturday, 13 March 2010

I got a star! *

What up peeps?

Just been meeting Nikki at Marks and Sparks after her visit to a friend (that did not go so well). Well well....

I am off this weekend, I am so exited and happy. I can finally sleep whiteout the alarm. Gonna sleep till i wake up, which is usually pretty early anyway. I hate sleeping long and the day just goes by and you haven't done anything.
This weekend I want to get a Brazilian wax. Never had, but know it's better then to shave. Better for the skin, you don't have to do is as often and it does not grow out all hard and a lot, lol. Ok moving on. Maybe I will tape it and put it on here (If you're lucky).

Which reminds me, I want do buy a camera as well.
Think I will meet my friend for lunch in town, who is actually working this weekend, and get a gym card.
Of curse do some naughty naughty with Nikki.

I was so tired to day at work I wanted to cry. I always get so tired and full after lunch, and I have no energy to work at all. Just walk around like a zombie. Started to laugh a lot though cause I was so tired, and I hurt my foot on top of it. I'm ok though.
I noticed on our board they put a star next to my name cause of my good customer service =) Happy!
I got a star at the same time I got in minor trouble for something I did that I am not gonna discuss, but something I didn't take seriously, but in retail world it is.

Any who...

O yeah, me and Nikki went to Leicester Square the other night and saw Jennifer Aniston and Gerard Butler for their movie premier, The bounty hunter. I love him, and she was so short was all I cold think about haha.

Man he's fine!

Over and out


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