Sunday, 14 March 2010

The law of 4. Who is nr 67?

Good afternoon my fellow readers!
Omg, the movie last night I think was terrific. It actually involved one of my own nightmares coming true.

With out giving it all away, it's about 2 police officers who comes to the s.k Shutter Island island, where the most dangerous and hard cases of patience are kept.
Their mission is to find this patience who escaped from the very high secured building, who has a very sad story behind her.
The further they come in their hunt and the further you come in the movie, you start to wonder what is really real and what is just in your imagination, and what kind of secrets lay behind this whole world.
Towards the end it has this amazing turn that I cold never anticipate.
It really gets to your own brain, which might be to much to handle.

I think, if you are not to narrow-minded and you actually have to think twice with this one, it's one of the biggest masterpiece I've seen. It's not just the actual story and the lining that's terrific (even though I think so) it is How it's shoot and how it shows the audience the real deal, so to speak.

I'm having a really hard time explain and analyse this one, which I usually don't do with other movies, but I definitely think you should go see it.
Dicaprio, who stars is this one, is at his best.

Someone is missing!

But who are they really looking for?

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