Saturday, 27 March 2010

Dancing one of my biggest passions and interests in life.
I've been dancing all my life in all kinds of ways, classes, at home (lol), out clubbing, performances etc.

I started with ballet when I was 6 years old. I was so nervous the first time, and i never wore the actual ballet outfit until the last time when we had a performance. Don't know why, guess I didn't like it, so I just wore my normal clothes, lol.

A couple of years later I started with show dance, which I really enjoyed. Don't know how
long i kept that up, couple of years maybe. Had a couple o performances as well.

Then i turned to street dance. My favorite dance of all times. It's a cool dance with a lot of hard moves which I love.
As a girl, or woman, you feel and look sexy doing it (when right).

For fun me and a friend tried belly dancing, cause our friend's mother had lessons.
That is one sexy dance a s well, but not as hard as lets say street. But it's nice to be able to move your hips in a nice way, lol. I got kind of a loose hip hehe.

I so much want to get in o dancing again.
I feel so good when I'm dancing, but after a routine, steps and a choreography.
Always loved the way Britney Spears dances in her olden days, hehe, and I just love Pussycat dolls. Especially in the video Buttons.

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