Monday, 29 March 2010

A not so normal Monday

Been home today actually, I called in sick as I had a bit of a "headache and felt a bit bad", lol.
But I have never called in sick one single day of my 1 year and 4 months working there. Mainly cause I never needed to, and I have a big conscience, so would feel so bad if I did.

Think i slept till 1pm. Didn't do much, spend some time with Johanna, ate breakfast.
Then I actually headed to the hospital. But don't worry, it wasn't for me, lol. My friend needed to go for a reason and she needed company. We waited 2h for some painkillers! Well well, at least I came out and got some fresh air. You know, for my headache =P

Meat up with Johanna and bought some food from Chop Chop, fried noddles and vegetables, mm loves it.

Now I'm sitting here watching some Swedish programs on the web, preparing for a boring day at work. tarting late so can sleep long. A good hing with this week is that I only will work for 3 days, since I was "sick" to day and I am off on Friday till next Wednesday, cause my parents are coming over for Easter =))
Happy happy.

Talk latha.

(Will talk about last night at Boujis to).

Over and out

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