Saturday, 13 March 2010

Morning shopping

Good morning people! Or is that good afternoon? Well I just woke up at abut half 11. I went to bed at 5.20am to be exact. Hehe I always find something to do here.

I was supposed to meet my friend for lunch at 1pm, but would not make t, and I have a headache. But still have to, or want to, do some stuff. Like buy some material for my project, read about my animal course, buy a new cardigan for work, sign up for gym, do some naughty with Nikki, hehe. You up for it?

Yesterday morning before work, i browsed around the shopping site, like for the first time, and I found some nice stuff.
I love leggings and tights, and found some amazing sunglasses I consider order.

Here are my favorites:

Imagine this belt to a pair of dark jeans and a basic white vest top tucked in

I love leather, and these makes you bum look great lol.

Over and out


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