Sunday, 7 March 2010

Lazy Sundays

Now I'm just on bed getting ready for some sleep, but I am still alive, for all of you who wonders lol.

Last night was just ok. I mean I had better nights, but it wasn't boring or bad. Some parts were fun and god and some not, so...

It started at Sanderson with some pre drinks where Nikki had some people she knew. Then headed to Embassy where they had a table. Now, it was in the VIP, but I had more fun when Nikki and hit he big dance floor which was packed with people. Think I was to drunk to realise or be bothered. They had these fog (?) machine so you sometimes couldn't see your own hand (if that makes sense?) Loved it!
Embassy closed and we headed to Mayfair club, which is open till 6am.
Surprisingly I was not to tired yet as I usually are at that time. I kept on dancing, even though my feet were hurting (that day I had bought new pair of thigh high boots, which were kind of expensive, but so gorgeous).
Eventually I got tired and me and Nikki headed home for the bus, where I fell asleep.
We went to bed t about 6.30am. I haven't been out that long for along time. Now I know why. I hate the people you meet out.

To day I slept till 1pm. Hate when that happens, and other reason not to go out.
Nikki and I hit the park we have a couple of min away where we ate some burgers we bought. On lazy Sundays and day after you are allowed to eat what ever you want and do nothing.
Don't know what was going on but there were a lot of youngsters out drinking and drunk. It was 4-5pm! And was apparently some car crash Nikki and I saw.... Don't know.

Done nothing more really. Have eaten a crisp bag and some chocolate, and now I am really tired so gonna hit the sleep now.

"My boots, my boots, my boots are Ok"

Over and out


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Andy Sheppard said...

Sexy boots! X