Monday, 1 March 2010

Just had a shower and a face mask on. Nice. Rally needed it after last night and today. I was so tired this morning when I was headed for work, thought I would be sick to =( lol.

Work was work. Aw I can't wait to start something new. I have been giving an other position with different hours, which is really early, and I don't really mind that but it's gonna be less hours, plus last night at Boujis, I was offered a position there with them. I have always wanted o work in nightclubs so I am very exited about that, which would be 3 nights a week, but don' know how I can manage with the early hours. I either get a few hours sleep or even go straight =/

Any who... have to think abt that. I don' mind working hard and often, but it would be nice to get a lot back $$.
Meet Nikki on the way home and I bought a hamburger as a small hung over snack lol.

Over and out


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