Sunday, 28 March 2010

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Good night Londoners!

Today me and Johanna went for a round to Westfield, where she bought some leggings, hair accessoar, a jacket and some beauty products.
I were not suppose to buy anything but walked out with a pair of new black tights (for work), and a hair clip. Then we bought some food and lots if cleaning supplies, so now we have a fresh household, especially after i been cleaning the bathroom very neat and tidy. It smells and feel so fresh now.
My cleaning week and work here is done, lol.

I've been studying as well, gonna try to do my first test tomorrow. Good thing it's a online course and I can do it when it suits me :)

I've decided now to, I am going to sign up for a dance course. Street dance commercial o 10 weeks. I am so exited, I found a very good website and school (so it seems anyway) who seems very professional and serious. Why I haven't done it before (cause I have been thinking about it for some time) I guess is I have not understood the system and could only find dance classes you o to when ever you want and pay per class, and also cause of the cost, but this one is very good and reasonable.
Gonna sign up when i get my pay, and have to talk to my managers at work, since I will be needing a permanent shift when the dance is hold.

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