Thursday, 4 March 2010

A little story

Imagine you are always cold, extremely sometimes, it is just the environment and temp you are working in. If you don't want to be cold you should dress with layers and layers, till you barely can move, or it's getting ridiculous.
Because you are so cold, you have no energy or power to actually do your task. You just sand there and let the hours go.

The only time you can get somehow warmed up is at lunchtime, were there is so small you can't fit more then 3 people to eat, were the air is... well no air.
You get 1 hour lunch in one go. Before that you have to keep it up for 4-5, sometimes 6 hours, and after lunch 4 more hours straight.

At the same time with all that is bad already, you always have some1 berating and watching your back.
All the hardwork you are putting down, you don't get a lot for or back.

Welcome to my workplace!

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