Saturday, 27 March 2010

Funny and offending, but so true

What I about to write might upset and offend people, but I just have to get it out of my chest and share my story.

The main people who comes in to my shop are, apart from British (who is not that many) is Asian people, Spanish, french and mix of Scandinavians.
From my experience they do come across all the same, which is quite funny.

Asian people are always so quiet, petite and the look so scared of you when you approach them. "Relax, I just want to help you".
When they do speak and asks for something, you can never make out what they are trying to say, cause of their accent. Sometimes I just want to shake them and say "Spit it out already!" Lol.

Spanish people never know a lot of English which can be really frustrated to me (same goes with Italians). I'm sorry, but if you are in a English talking country, learn some words!
It is now the biggest speaking language in the world ( I know Spanish is one of them to but still).
They talk to you in Spanish (or Italian) and expect you to understand, and always say Gracie or Grazia (or how ever you spell it) when they are finished.

French people are the same with the language (even worse). They are also very stuck up their nose and posh, and kind of arrogant (from my experience of friends and being in the country).

Scandinavian people (which I am) are coming across as kind of stupid to be honest.
I know in Sweden you learn English from a early age, but they don't understand you fully, and just look at each other like you are stupid. They seems so slow in the head when they walk in, haha.

Now this is just how I experience them, and I am not gonna say this is how they are (but I am almost lol).
Think it's kind of funny you can see how they will behave and how I have to change my appearance for each individual.

One of the worst, which is a mix with all people, are the ones who ignore you when you greet or approach them, and you know they can see and hear you.

Retail is hard people!

Thank you for listening.

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