Sunday, 14 March 2010

Change of F-ing plans

Well people people. Don't know what t say.
The plans were simple. We were all (almost) gonna head out, which we usually do on Sundays.
So why am I still sitting here on my bed, not fixed and not going out? Lol.
Well things change, deal with it. Not gonna discuss why, but that's how it is.

I actually found something more exiting and fun to do. I am watching Dragons Den on YouTube.
For the people who know, I am finding the entrepreneur business rather interesting. I guess I'm getting old, lol.
I want to learn more about that, as I am trying to get involved myself.

I have Sunday anxiety. Hate Sunday nights, almost more then the actual Monday, the reason you have Sunday anxiety in the first place.

Thinking right now if I should call a curtain Mr/Mrs X...

Nikki is on her way now any way and she feels bad to. Wish is was a bit more early so we could watch something. I am starting at 12am/pm, so it's nice to have a bit of a lay in, but horrible to finish late.

Any who...

Might see more of you tonight, or not.

Over and out

P.s. I ould har Nikki at the door. D.s.

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