Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Worst work day ever... of them any way.
Bad customer experience is what it's all about.
Not gonna go i to details, but it got so bad I actually had to leave the scene, where one of my managers had to take over, and calm myself in the staffroom. Never been so upset at work before.

I tried to explain one of our policies in the fitting room, that got misunderstood (or what ever), ans this woman got mad about it, cause I let someone else get away with that specific policy. She started calling me a Bitch and stupid, and there's where I lost it. Told my manager "This girl is very rude and I don't want to be here right now".
I mean I was there alone, had this woman argue at me and I was trying to defend myself and the stuff someone else taught me, at the same time I had a long que with people watching.

Of course my pi**ed of day doesn't stop there.
We were supposed to have a very important visitor from some director people.
They are one of the worst people I know, at least one of them.
I am trying to do my best to be polite and greet them, don't get much back.
One of them has the nerve to comment to our store manger about my cardigan I am wearing.
Something about it looked something for gardening. This I noticed anyway cause she's not that discrete and obvious she was talking about me for a min there. While I am serving your customer you a**hole!
So, f*ck you M.!

It was so freezing today I at one point could not feel my toes. I am not kidding. It's like they've fell asleep.
So either, fix the god damn heater, close the door or give us a better cardigan you stupid cow.
At that time I just started laughing about it, but now it feels heavier, and I feel like crying.

I am so mad and fed up right now I don't know whats inside and out.

How can I ever fall asleep being so upset. I can't help it.
One god thing is though, that tomorrow is my last day till next Thursday. Have Friday till Wednesday off =)

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